Privacy Policy

General information

We do not collect any personal data – anytime or anywhere. When using our MyPianist app you remain fully anonymous to us.

Microphone access

MyPianist requires microphone access in order to synchronize its playing to your performance. All processing is done locally on your device and nothing is sent to us.

When using MyPianist to record your playing the audio is stored locally on your device and is available only to you, unless you decide to share it with others. If you send an audio clip to us as a bug report, the data is anonymous, kept secure and will not be shared to third parties.


For handling subscriptions an anonymous user ID is created for you when you first launch the app. No personal information about you is revealed to us through this user ID. If you choose to purchase a subscription to MyPianist PRO the subscription status will be stored on your user ID along with any transaction identifiers associated with the payments. However, we do not have access to any of your payment information as Apple Inc. will be processing all the payments.


Our website does not use any cookies or any analytics.

Data collected by Apple

Apple may collect data about your usage of their products, including usage specific to our apps. Your data stored within our apps may also be backed up by Apple and stored on their servers. Apple’s policies govern their collection and usage of your data, and you can learn more about their policies by visiting

Changes to this Policy

We may periodically revise this Policy. In case of significant changes we will work to find ways to notify you such as placing the changes in the app description or sending you a notification via the app itself. The most current version of this Policy will always be here.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy, please contact us at