Frequently Asked Questions

How does MyPianist work?
MyPianist listens to your playing with the built-in microphone and reacts to it with a sophisticated A.I. algorithm. Besides your phrasing and dynamics, the model takes into account the musical style and situation; in fact it rarely tries to follow you as exactly as possible since that would sound unnatural in most musical contexts.
What if I make a mistake?
MyPianist can easily catch you even if you miss a few notes. Also, MyPianist doesn’t mind if you play trills or other small ornaments not written in the score.
What if MyPianist makes a mistake?
In case of any problems with the live accompaniment you can use the recording function to create a clip demonstrating the issue and send it to us by choosing "Report a problem" in the sharing menu. This allows us to fix the mistake in a future release of MyPianist.
Can I practice in a slow tempo with MyPianist?
Yes, you can either change the metronome setting in the score or use the Practice mode. In Practice mode MyPianist follows you note by note so you can play as slowly as you wish or even change the tempo freely while you play.
Can I play pieces from other instruments’ repertoire?
Yes, violin pieces can also be played on the flute or vice versa, for example. In most cases, playing with a different instrument an octave lower or higher will also work.
Can I use MyPianist with speakers or with Bluetooth headphones?
You can use the internal speaker of your device (though it might not be loud enough to match the sound of your instrument) or you can connect to external speakers. Bluetooth speakers or headphones may be used as well, but they tend to have a much higher latency, making accompaniment less responsive. With some Bluetooth devices MyPianist has to play each note half a second in advance to match your timing!
Why aren’t there any pieces by Sibelius or Shostakovich or any contemporary music?
All works currently in the MyPianist music library are copyright-free. The copyright generally expires 70 years after the author’s death (in Sibelius’ case in 2027, for example).
Is MyPianist available for Android?
We are now beta testing the Android version of MyPianist in selected countries. You can download it on Google Play.
Is MyPianist better than a human accompanist?
MyPianist has some advantages to humans: it has quicker reflexes and it never stumbles even in the most difficult passages. However, with a human, you have visual contact and you can also discuss interpretations verbally. MyPianist is not meant to replace live pianists, but especially the good ones aren't always available. With MyPianist you can have a high-quality musical partner anytime, anywhere.