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The pianist always with you
MyPianist running on iPad Pro
MyPianist - the A.I. that plays classical music with you
Download on the App Store A virtual pianist that responds to your playing just like a real musician: Designed for professionals, students and amateurs alike, MyPianist lets you augment your music-making through the power of artificial intelligence.
MyPianist running on iPhone X
Expressive freedom
MyPianist's unique artificial intelligence listens to your playing and reacts instantly to all the nuances of your interpretation. Recreating the piano accompaniment in real time, MyPianist matches your timing and dynamics in glorious stereo sound without any artifacts or distortions.
Simply elegant
The clean and uncluttered interface allows you to focus on what matters most: music. Our beautifully engraved scores*, enhanced with interactive elements, adapt to your screen for an optimal reading experience on any device.
* based on Urtext wherever possible
Outstanding artistry
Indulge your ears with world-class playing. MyPianist is developed by Juho Pohjonen, an internationally acclaimed concert pianist who has performed as a soloist with major orchestras such as Cleveland Orchestra and Los Angeles Philharmonic. No matter what you play with MyPianist, you are in for a treat!
Expanding repertoire
The constantly growing library of MyPianist includes works of the core classical repertoire as well as rarities to be discovered. The concertos, sonatas and other large-scale works always have all movements included.
And much more
Record and share your performances. Fine-tune the sensitivity of the accompaniment. Choose between different practice modes. Discover all the features of MyPianist by downloading the app!